Jeb: ‘Talking About Sexual Misdeeds of the 1990s Doesn’t Seem Very Relevant to Me’

‘Bill Clinton is not running for president Hillary Clinton is’

BRZEZINSKI: “Over the weekend, Joe and I asked some of the Republican candidates about that first 'New York Times'  and whether or not the issues are relevant at  all and here’s what they said.”
[clip starts]
BUSH: “Talking about sexual missdeeds of the 1990s doesn’t seem relevant to me and frankly, we’re not going to win if we live in the past --" [crosstalk] 
SCARBOROUGH: “What if Hillary Clinton starts talking about how Republicans have a war against women? Is Hillary Clinton -- that is why this is --"[crosstalk]
BUSH: “We will go after the likely Democratic candidate for not being trustworthy focusing on the president in the future. I just -- doing what he did, was it appropriate? Heck  no it wasn’t. Of course it wasn’t. But that's a long gone. Bill Clinton is not running for president Hillary Clinton is.”

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