Trump on Cruz’ Citizenship: For His Own Good, He ‘Should Solve this Problem’

‘Because the Democrats will sue him if he’s the nominee’

TODD: "Your chief competitor is Ted Cruz. You have brought up the Canadian citizenship issue. But let me ask you your opinion. Do you believe he is constitutionally eligible? I know the supreme court has never weighed in on the phrase 'Natural born citizen.' But you yourself, do you think he should be eligible?"
TRUMP: "So what happens is I was watching Laurence tribe of Harvard yesterday who’s a constitutional expert, one of the true experts. And according to him, it’s a real question mark. And he is the — I would say he was — is one of the great authorities on this subject.  He has a question mark and —"
TODD: "But do you have a question mark?"
TRUMP: "From Ted’s standpoint and the party’s standpoint, he has to solve this problem. Because the Democrats will sue him if he’s the nominee. If Ted is the nominee, he will be sued by the Democrats and according to one of the great lawyers of the country at Harvard with strong opinions on this, the whole thing has not been this matter — as he said, this matter has not been determined."
TODD: "I understand that. I’m talking about your opinion."
TRUMP: "I would say that I would want the supreme court to rule because they haven’t ruled."
TODD: "Let me ask you about — you said something about senator Cruz in a CNN interview. You said he was for amnesty. That’s a big charge. Of all people to charge being for amnesty, where’s the evidence on him?"
TRUMP: "He worked for bush, bush was heavy for amnesty." 
TODD: "He worked for him."
TRUMP: "And he was heavy for amnesty. And if you look at Rubio go after him, Rubio and Bush are both claiming each other was totally for amnesty and honestly, Marco has a lot of good points as to Ted’s feeling on amnesty. Ted just switched his views on ethanol. He was totally against it now he’s for it. It’s Iowa and he’s for it."
TODD: "Where are you in ethanol?"
TRUMP: "I’ve been okay with ethanol."
TODD: "You’re okay with the subsidies."
TRUMP: "I like fuel and ethanol is fuel and the people out here, it’s a very important subject but Ted switched and I think they feel very queasy about that. Ted will switch opinions and I think that’s fine."
TODD: "You’ve changed a lot." 
TRUMP: "I’ve changed opinions over the years. I mean, we change. But it will be very interesting to see what happens. I will — I’ll tell you one thing. I am really looking to February 1. It’s going to be very exciting."

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