Rubio Slams Christie: Next Pres. Must Be ‘Long Time Defender’ of 2nd Amendment

‘I just don’t think that someone with that record and with those positions should be the Republican nominee’

DOOCY: “Well, senator, you were taking a shot a moment ago at the president of the United States, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. You’re also taking some shots at your fellow Republican rivals, according to Chris Christie, a couple of days ago, he said this, he was very self-righteous about you — ‘He was very self-righteous on the stage in the debate a few months ago when Jeb criticized him. He said, just because you’re running for the same office, someone has convinced you that being critical of me helps you. And now all of a sudden he’s being very critical of me, so I guess the same person who was talking to Jeb has been talking to Marco.’ How do you respond to the New Jersey governor?”
RUBIO: “Yeah, it’s not personal. This is not a personal attack. These are policy differences. I just honestly don’t believe that the next president of the United States, and the Republican nominee, should be someone like Chris Christie who supports common core, who has personally donated to planned parenthood, who got into politics to begin with in order to pass gun control. Who has seen his state downgraded six, seven times since he took over as governor in their credit rating. You know, I just don’t think that someone with that record and with those positions should be the Republican nominee. Our next president needs to be someone who from their very first day in office is going to get rid of every single unconstitutional and unwise thing that Barack Obama has done. Not someone that agrees with some of those things. When I become president of the United States, on my first day in office, every single one of Barack Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders will be repealed on that first day.”
DOOCY: “Senator —“
RUBIO: “And we will move from there to rebuild this country from this disaster.”
DOOCY: “You just mentioned Chris Christie and gun control. I heard him say yesterday, I believe up in New Hampshire that over the years he’s changed his mind. Isn’t it OK to change your mind?”
RUBIO: “It is. But — sure, welcome to the Second Amendment supporter club I suppose. But bottom line is, what is your record on this issue? Can you be trusted in the long term on an issue that you only changed your position on when you decided to run for president. The Second Amendment is under assault. The damage this president is doing to our Second Amendment rights is extensive. And latest executive order he is obsessed with undermining the Second Amendment. Our president has to be someone who is a consistent, long time defender of our Second Amendment rights, not someone with a question record on it. That’s what I’m pointing to policy differences. And it’s not personal.”

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