Lindsey Graham on Benghazi Report: ‘Journalism Has Died’ at the New York Times

‘To my friends at The New York Times: journalism has died at this paper’

Lindsey Graham Rips NY Times Benghazi Report: ‘Journalism Has Died at This Paper’ (Mediaite)

Between a big Senate report released this week and a recent New York Times report, Benghazi has found its way back into the national spotlight, and the Times report has received quite a lot of blowback from U.S. officials disputing that narrative, and on the Senate floor Thursday morning, Lindsey Graham proclaimed the death of journalism at The New York Times.

He recounted a conversation he had with one of the Benghazi survivors, who told him there was no protest and that the heavily armed people who charged the compound held banners for Ansar al-Sharia. With all that in mind, Graham took at shot at the Times for what he believed to be creating a false narrative of what happened.

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