Chuck Todd: ‘I Think One Guy that Can Stop Trump Is Cruz’

‘I think it’s very possible Cruz over-performs in New Hampshire than what people expect’


SCARBOROUGH: "The only, the way that it could happen is obviously, chuck, tell me, let’s have this discussion. It is a real outside shot right now based on the polls as they sit today. Anything can change. Let’s say Cruz beats trump in Iowa and then you go to new Hampshire and let’s say Christie beats trump in New Hampshire. It depends. Bush went up five in the poll. If bush does better, I can see bush translating better in South Carolina than Christie. That’s where the story ends for me. My problem with figuring out who beats Donald Trump is the swing south that we’ve talked about. You were going into the heart of trump’s strongest, strongest region there. So what’s your scenario for an outside scenario for how trump gets stopped at this point?"

TODD: "I think it’s Cruz. I think it’s Cruz winning Iowa and somehow, the establishment never coalescing in new Hampshire and allowing maybe Cruz or Trump to be basically neck and neck in New Hampshire but especially if Cruz, I think it’s very possible Cruz over-performs in New Hampshire than what people expect because of the fact there’s so many candidates fighting for the moderate wing of that electorate it’s going to leave Cruz by himself with the Liberals and the smaller group of evangelicals and somehow Cruz taps into the Evan — evangelical support. I think one guy that can stop trump is Cruz." 

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