Andrea Mitchell to Kerry: Did You Focus on Iran at the Expense of N. Korea?

‘Let me be clear, North Korea has not been left unattended even for one day!’

Andrea Mitchell to John Kerry: Did You Spend Too Much Time On Iran And Ignore North Korea? (RealClearPolitics)

ANDREA MITCHELL, NBC NEWS: Do you think that you have a major problem now in North Korea, and too muchtime may have been spent on Iran and other challenges? While North Korea was left without--

SECRETARY OF STATE JOHN KERRY: Hey, hey. Let me be clear, North Korea has not been left unattended even for one day.

We have had meetings, we have had constant consultations. 

On the first trip I made to China... I spent most of that trip and most of that time on North Korea.

China had a particular approach that they wanted to take, and we agreed and respected and gave them space to be able to implement that.

That has not worked and we can not continue business as usual.

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