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Rubio Heckled over His High-Heeled Shoes at Townhall
Rubio’s supporters attempted drowning out the heckler with ‘Rubio!’ chants

Appearing moments ago at a townhall in Dallas, Texas, Sen. Marco Rubio, currently weathering a sartorial scandal over suspiciously high-heeled boots, came upon the wrath of a heckler/fashionista.

Only moments into his speech, an off-camera heckler began shouting, "Marco Rubio stole my shoes!"

The man then appeared to shout, "Shoes! Shoes and Freemasons!"

What role Rubio's much-maligned footwear play in Freemasonry remains unclear. But Rubio's supporters tried quickly silencing the heckler with chants of "Rubio!"

"This has never happened before," Rubio assured.

The candidate tried calming the situation with a joke, "If this happens again, I'll just take a sip of water."

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