Matthews to Hillary: ‘I Want to Say Something Nice About You’

‘You didn’t go away and say, gee, whiz, this is terrible — you went out and acted like a champion for Democrats’

MATTHEWS: "I want to say something nice about you."
CLINTON: "Oh, please."
MATTHEWS: "I have to. Back when you had all the difficulty in the second administration of president Clinton, your husband, and you had a difficult situation to go through. And you went through it, and I think you were completely stunned by it initially, and you had to deal with it as you became aware of what was going on. And what did you do? You didn't cry. You didn't go away and say, gee, whiz, this is terrible. You went out and acted like a champion for Democrats. You went around the country campaigning like mad. You were the real banner carrier for the Democratic Party in '98."

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