Jay Michaelson on Crime, Homelessness: ‘I Want to Quibble About Whether These Are Real or Imaginary Issues’

‘I thought we wanted facts and evidence’

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PHILLIP: “You’re right. I mean, obviously the crime, the immigration, these are real issues. But when you look at, okay, mayoral elections in New York, in Chicago, in Los Angeles, the candidates who are running on beating the Democrats on those issues did not win.”
MICHAELSON: “No, I still want to quibble about whether these are real or imaginary issues, right? I mean, in terms of — we can — “
PHILLIP: “You think that they are more imaginary than real?”
MICHAELSON: “There are real feelings, but I didn’t realize that conservatives were, you know, just all about feelings and coddling everybody’s feelings. I thought we actually wanted some facts and evidence. And yeah, there are feelings — “
CUPP: “So there isn’t a border crisis? That’s not a fact?”
MICHAELSON: “There are feelings that are being stoked by a certain kind of media narrative that is soaked in an anti-urban, anti-city narrative that’s been with us for half a century and has a very dubious history. And I understand that people may feel a certain way, and that is real, but whether it’s actually grounded in the facts of crime rates in the cities, that is highly debatable.”

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