Kimmel Mocks Trump Rehashing ‘Golden Showers’ Story: ‘That One,’ Melania Didn’t Believe, But Stormy Daniels ‘100% She Believed It’

‘Normally, she has no trouble believing the terrible things’

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[clip starts]
TRUMP: "Russia, Russia, Russia. Remember that? He was with four hookers. You think that was good that night to go up and tell my wife it's not true, darling, I love you very much. It's not true. Actually, that one she didn't believe because she said he's a germaphobe. He's not into that. You know. He's not into golden showers as they say they called it. He's not."
[clip ends]
KIMMEL: "That one he didn't believe. Normally she has no trouble believing the terrible things. Stormy Daniels, 100 percent she believed in that. This one, not at all. Have I told you about the golden shower. Oh, I just did OK. I'll tell you again in a few months."

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