MSNBC: Disheartening Lebron Didn’t Discuss Tamir Rice; Could Have Been Him

‘—Being a large person, a large black boy growing up in this community’

HARRIS-PERRY: "Even your assertion, that more people care about a title than about a 12-year-old killed by police. But is the fact that activists are going to Lebron an indication of the utter powerlessness of black folks in this country? Does it mean in the end like — because you just — you sort of feel like when white folks want something done, they don’t really call Tom Brady, like, please, get justice for us, right?" 
DENNIS: "I think what we’re calling for is a strategy — it’s so disheartening to hear Lebron’s lack of response. Because he actually would be tamir rice, right, when you think about how he presents physically. Being a large person, a large black boy growing up in this community. It’s disheartening for him to not be able to respond and take part in this. What we’re calling for is tapping into the power we know he has. There’s actually a connection between the businesses, the economy he’s creating in Cleveland and Akron. And actually how policing happens. It’s not this random request to sit out in some symbolic view of solidarity, but it’s connected to economic justice, to policing, all of that." 
HARRIS-PERRY: "In a very specific way, how the Lebron economy is connected." 
DENNIS: "Absolutely. If we look at any athletic store that is selling Lebron paraphernalia, a lot of those stores uscial profiling to be able to profile and stop and frisk young black people. What if Lebron was to take a stand and say you’re not allowed to do this in my name because these people are my people. These people look like me. And in such, you’re going to have to shift policy. We know there’s a connection between where we shop what we’re doing and how profiling is actually happening."

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