Montage: 2015, the Year Students Went Completely Insane

‘We have to acknowledge that our college campuses, they were built off the backs of people of color’

If students are the future of America, we just might be doomed. Based on the campus activism Americans witnessed in 2015, many are now wondering if students have all gone totally nuts. 

Across campuses nationwide, students rose up to demand … less free speech, and more thought control. 

Take but a few choice examples:

At the University of Michigan, students successfully petitioned to block a screening of the movie, "American Sniper."

At Ithaca University, students protested a planned frat party themed “preps and crooks.”

At Yale University, students protested an e-mail encouraging students to consider not protesting other students’ Halloween costumes. 

Also at Yale, students signed a petition calling for a repeal of the First Amendment (which, as the correspondent Ami Horowitz ironically reminded, specifically protects the right to petition). 

And speaking of petitions, at Georgetown, students signed a petition calling for the removal of urinals (to ensure “gender neutral” bathrooms). 

At the University of Missouri, students demanded the curriculum focus more on “implicit biases and pre-existing privileges.” And when the media covered their protests, they protested that, too. 

For Americans wondering what all of this massive student loan debt is actually buying, check out the montage above for a sneak peak. 

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