Carson: People Like Trump and Me Are ‘a Real Threat’ to the Other Side

‘The American people are lot smarter than these people think’

KILMEADE: “Exactly. That was the way — that’s [indecipherable] used to — to be the calculus. Finally, I don’t know if you have a monitor there but we noticed something — this was sent in from us in Miami, in a Barnes & Noble. We love Barnes & Noble. But somebody there at that store, or it was a rambunctious customer put your book and Donald Trump’s book on the shelf, best-selling books under the humor section. Do you think this is just a joke [indecipherable]?”
CARSON: “I suspect that it is. But, you know, there are a lot of people, particularly on the other side, who really have a very different philosophy of America. And people like me are a real threat to them. And people like Donald Trump are a real threat to them. But, you know, the American people are a lot smarter than these people think. They’re not going to be manipulated as easily as they think they are.”
KOOIMAN: “All right, Dr. Ben Carson thank you so much for your time today.”
CARSON: “Always a pleasure. Thank you.”

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