CBS’ Garrett: Trump ‘Already Plotting a General Election Run Against’ Hillary

‘Trump said Bill’s past is a fair game’


BRENNAN: “The Trump effect is sending more ripples along the campaign trail this morning. Donald Trump used a Sunday talk shows to focus on Hillary Clinton. Brushing aside his GOP rivals. Clinton rival Bernie Sanders criticized Trump’s tactics but says Trump’s own supporters are his ally. Major Garrett is in Washington following the campaign talks. Major, good morning.”
GARRETT: “Good morning. Donald Trump hasn’t been seen in public for days, but he reminisces a campaign presence. Continuing his feud with Hillary and Bill Clinton, while drawing economic fire from Bernie Sanders.”
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TRUMP: “I’m winning and I’m beating everybody. And in my opinion beating Hillary is easier than beating these people.”
GARRETT (voice-over): “By that Trump means other Republicans. He still hasn’t won one contest. But Trump is already plotting a general election run against Hillary Clinton.”
TRUMP: “I tell you what, if you have another four years of like, a Hillary. That mentality and thinking, we are not going to have a country left.”
GARRETT (voice-over): “After enduring criticism of sexism from Hillary Clinton’s camp, Trump threatened to revive debate over Bill Clinton’s impeachment and revisit other Clinton sex scandals. On Twitter, Trump used Hillary’s own words to describe husband Bill. Allegeding, quote, ‘he’s demonstrated a penchant for sexism’ adding without a whiff of irony, ‘so inappropriate!’ Trump said Bill’s past is fair game.”
TRUMP: “He’s fair game because his presidency was really considered to be very troubled, to put it mild, because of all the things she is talking to me about.”
GARRETT (voice-over): “Clinton hasn’t responded to Trump’s broad side. But on Sunday, her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders accused Trump of frustrating voters and offering anger and vulgarity and bad policy.”
SANDERS: “I think what trump has done successfully, I would say is take that anger, take that anxiety about terrorism, and say through a lot of people in this country, look, the reason for our problems is because a Mexicans, and he says they’re all criminals and rapist.”
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