Fiorina: Trump Is Not Going to Beat Hillary by ‘Attacking Bill Clinton’

‘As I recall Donald Trump threw George W. Bush under the buss way back in September’

KILMEADE: “All right. You heard it right here first, on Fox & Friends and day was Sunday. GOP front-runner Donald Trump saying he’s ready to escalate his war of words with the Clinton campaign by taking on Bill.”
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TRUMP: “I think he is fair game because his presidency was really considered to be very troubled, to put it mildly, because of all of the things that she’s talking to me about. I mean she’s mentioning sexist. I turned her exact words against her from that standpoint. She has to be careful.  It has to be fair. We all have to fight fairly. She’s playing the woman’s card and it’s like give me a break. So I don’t -- certainly Bill Clinton is not going to be the end all in the campaign and he’ll come under attack not just from me.”
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KOOIMAN: “Is that a good idea? Here to weigh is former Hewlett-Packard CEO and Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina. Mrs. Fiorina, thanks for being with us.”
FIOINA: “Good morning and Merry Christmas.”
KOOIMAN: “Good morning and Merry Christmas to you. Do you think Bill Clinton is fair game for Donald Trump due to his past when he was the president in the Oval Office and the Lewinsky scandal and everything else, could this backfire against Trump and end up hurting him?”
KILMEADE: “And you?”
FIORINA: “First of all, of course Bill Clinton is fair game. He’s a former president and as I recall, Donald Trump threw George W. Bush under the bus way back in September. But you’re not going to beat Hillary Clinton by attacking Bill Clinton. You’re going to beat Hillary Clinton, I’m going to beat Hillary Clinton by attacking her track record and her lack of trustworthiness. Of course she’s going to play the woman card. That's what she does and the way to deal with the woman card is attack her track record.”
HEGSETH: “Obviously, you have the unique ability to fight fire with fire in that context. Is it better to play the woman card right back with all your accomplishments or neutralize it, say, hey, it’s not about that, we’ll make it about the issues?”
FIORINA: “First of all it should be about the issues, always. Hillary Clinton wants to talk about the historic nature of her candidacy. She wants to talk about being first woman president, and there are people out there, lots of people, men and women who think it’s time for a woman president. My message to them will be, look, how about an honest woman? How about a competent woman? How about a qualified woman. But I’m never going to ask for people’s support because I’m a woman. I am going to ask for their support because I’m the most qualified candidate to beat Hillary Clinton and to do the job.”

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