Ben LaBolt: Clinton’s Comment on ISIS Using Trump in Recruiting Videos Is ‘Defensible’

‘Donald Trump is making the war on terror look like a war on Muslims’

TAPPER: “The other that the media, what we talked about quite a bit yesterday and Sunday was the fact that Hillary Clinton said this thing about Donald Trump and ISIS, about ISIS using videos of Donald Trump as a way of recruiting. There's no evidence for it at all. She said this. And yet, Donald Trump knocks that off the front pages –“ 
CUPP: “Throws her out.” 
TAPPER: “Yes, and makes this comment.” 
BEN LABOLT: "Look, I think Secretary Clinton's comment was defensible. I think that it was a campaign provided --"
TAPPER: “It was false.” 
LABOLT: “A bunch of social media activity –“ [Crosstalk]
TAPPER: “It was false. Perhaps there's some truthiness there somewhere, yes, but the claim is not true.” 
LABOLT: “But ultimately, I mean, the -- you know, Donald Trump is making the war on terror look like a war on Muslims. And that is a terrorism recruitment tool. But Trump's comments yesterday -- look, he's somebody who knows how to create reality television moments, that's how he's treating the entire campaign. And the Clinton campaign didn't give him what he wanted today I don't know if he was looking for an outreach back and forth like he had with Rosie O'Donnell a few years ago. But they're not playing into his hands on that. An everyday he says something like this, he's driving up the gender gap that the Republican Party is going to face in the general election.”

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