Scarborough: Donald Trump and Ted Cruz ‘Are Shutting out Everybody Else’

‘Ted Cruz may come out today and also, Mike Barnicle, against the assassination of journalists’

SCARBOROUGH: "Not a lot of voters and, Willie, you look “New York Times” article talking about how Ted Cruz sort of doing a mind meld with Donald Trump. He’s starting to sound more like Donald Trump out on the campaign trail."
BRZEZINSKI: "Using his words."
SCARBOROUGH: "Getting more aggressive. Using his words and using his ideas and what we’ve talked about over the last debate, a deal between these two to basically shut everybody else out. Whether it’s direct or indirect, they both know what they’re doing and it’s both working wonderfully well for them. They are shutting out everybody else."
GEIST: "I think the debate was the first time everyone noticed how close Ted Cruz was hugging Ted Cruz just broadly. He’s been doing this for a long time. He’s been drafting behind Ted Cruz behind trump to use a NASCAR metaphor. Refusing to criticize him any significant way. Even when trump came out the plan to ban Muslims and Ted Cruz was the one hold out who said I don’t agree with the idea, but I understand where it’s coming from from Donald Trump. Steps across the line."
SCARBOROUGH: "Which makes me think Ted Cruz may come out today and also, Mike Barnicle, against the assassination of journalists.
BARNICLE: "He understands where Donald is coming from."
SCARBOROUGH: "He understands. You may want to actually assassinate a journalist, but, you may refrain at the very last second of it."
BARNICLE: "They’re horrible people."
BRZEZINSKI: "Senator Cruz performs the best."
SCARBOROUGH: "Mike had a point to make here about assassination."
BARNICLE: "Actually, if you take the three candidates. Top tier candidates. You take Cruz, you take trump and you take Ben Carson. You are above 62 percent of Republican primary voters. So, when does the rest of the Republican party or the rest of the Republican electorate out there in the country begin to think that, fine, the 62 percent of the vote tied up there."

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