Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton: D.C. Abortion Bill Signals ‘The New War on Women’

‘They lost the war last time, and we have a new president to show for it’

Dem Congresswoman: Though GOP ‘Lost’ Last Time, D.C. Abortion Bill Signals ‘New War on Women’ (Mediaite)

Democratic Congressional Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) appeared on MSNBC on Monday where she declared a new bill working its way through the House of Representatives amounts to a declaration of a “new war on women.” She said she was denied the chance to speak at an all-male congressional hearing on a bill which would limit the use of public funds to provide abortion in the District of Columbia. Denouncing the bill, Norton said that the GOP “lost the war” but seem eager to fight it again.

“I took special issue with the hearing because I wanted to testify on a very small part of the hearing that does real damage to the District of Columbia,” Norton said. “Part of a larger bill that was the kickoff to the new war on women.”

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