Donald Trump: Jeb’s ‘an Embarrassment to the Bush Family’

‘ Jeb is an embarrassment to himself and to his family and the Republican Party’

TODD: "Let me ask you to respond to your friend Jeb Bush and what he had to say about you yesterday. Take a listen to the full quote and I’ll get you on the other side."
BUSH: "Just one other thing, and I gotta get this off my chest, Donald Trump is a jerk. I feel better now, I gave myself therapy there, thank you for allowing me to do it." 
TODD: "Well, this has escalated between you and Mr. Bush." 
TRUMP: "Look, people gave him that quote, you could see he was just saying, “Okay, I’m ready now, I’m ready now to say it.” Jeb is a weak and ineffective person. He’s also a low energy person, which I’ve said before. But he’s a weak and ineffective person. Jeb, if he were President, it would just be more of the same, it would be just— he’s got money from all of the lobbyists and all of the special interests that run him like a puppet." 
TODD: "Yeah."
TRUMP: "He’s got two percent in the polls, I have 41 percent in the latest poll. He has two percent. He’s going to be off the stage soon. He’s an embarrassment to the Bush family and in fact, he doesn’t even want to use the Bush name, which is interesting. Jeb is an embarrassment to himself and to his family and the Republican Party, they’re not even listening to Jeb. 

Jeb is saying that— by the way, Chuck, Jeb is only saying that to try and get a little mojo going, but in the meantime, I went up 11 points in the new Fox Poll, I went up 11 points after the debate and he went down two."

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