O’Malley Hits Sanders on Socialism and Clinton on Wall Street Ties

‘I have demonstrated the ability to have the backbone to take on Wall Street’

>> Look, I look at our economy as an ecosystem. And the fact of the matter is that the more fully people participate the more our workers earn, the more they will spend. The more our economy will grow. And most heads of businesses, large, medium, and small, understand that. But there is a better way forward than either of those offered by my two opponents here on this stage. We’re not going to fix what ails our economy. We’re not going to make wages go up for everyone by either trying to replace American capitalism with socialism, which by the way the rest of the world is moving away from. Nor will we fix it by submitting to sort of wall street-directed crony capitalism. And for my part I have demonstrated the ability to have the backbone to take on wall Street in ways that secretary Clinton never, ever has. In fact, in the last debate very shamefully she tried to hide her cozy relationship with wall Street big banks by invoking the attacks of 9/11. I believe that the way forward for our country is to actually reinvigorate our antitrust department with the directive to promote fair competition. There’s mergers that are happening in every aspect of our country that is bad for competition and it’s bad for upward mobility of wages. And the worst type of concentration, secretary Clinton, is the concentration of the big banks. The big six banks that you went to and spoke to and told them oh, you weren’t responsible for the crash, not by a long shot. And that’s why today you still cannot support, as I do, breaking up the big banks and making sure that we pass a modern-day glass-steagall like we had in late 1999 before it was repealed and LED to the crash where so many millions of families lost their jobs and their homes. And I was on the front lines of that looking into the eyes of my neighbors —

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