Jeb: ‘I Have the Skills, the Temperament, and Ideas to Keep Us Safe’

‘Donald Trump is a capable … smart guy, but he doesn’t have any ideas how to keep America safe’

HANNITY: "I'm not going to get into the middle of it. I thought you guys had -- both had your exchange last night, I'm going to leave it to the two of you. Here's one thing somebody wrote me today and said, why didn't Jeb Bush do that in the first debate? Do you think maybe -- in other words you showed more fire, a willingness to fight, do you think waiting till the fifth debate to really engage was a mistake?"
BUSH: "Look, the opportunity was here because we have great threats to our national security. As I said, Donald Trump is a capable guy, he's a smart guy, but he doesn't have any ideas about how to keep America safe. The idea that you would ban all Muslims makes it impossible to build the kind of coalition necessary to destroy ISIS, for example. But that's just one of many points that I think was appropriate to bring up. This is about policy, this is about ideas that matter. I think Ii have the skills, the temperament and the ideas to keep us safe as a country and people right now are scared about this."

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