Matthews to Trump: There’s an ‘Ethnic Aspect’ to You Not Believing Obama Is a ‘Legitimate President’

Matthews: ‘I’m an American, I think the president should be respected!’

MATTHEWS: “OK. I want to ask you the last question. You can leave, but I would like you to stay. Is Donald Trump honest when he says that Barrack Obama is not a legitimate president?”
TRUMP: "I knew you would ask me that question --" [crosstalk] 
MATTHEWS: "That's a good question because it's my question [indecipherable] --"[crosstalk] 
TRUMP: “I didn't say you couldn't –“
MATTHEWS: “You can’t stop me.”
TRUMP: “No, I can't. I should not tell you this but I do watch you a lot. So I knew you were going to ask that question--"
MATTHEWS: "Because he is the president of the United States."
TRUMP: -- "you know what I say, I’m not going to talk about that anymore."
MATTHEWS: “You got to answer the questions you like.”
TRUMP: “By the way, this guy is a total professional. I have to tell you that. Here is the story, I don't answer because you know what if i do answer that is all people want to talk about.
MATTHEWS: “You will have to answer in a general election.”
TRUMP: “Then I’ll answer it then. But -- I don't answer that question because you know what? If I answer the question that's all people will want to talk about. So I never answer that question." [crosstalk] 
UNKNOWN MALE: "You will have to answer it in general election."
MATTHEWS: "You know, you are going to take the Oval Office when the president is leaving the office that you say is illegitimate--" [crosstalk]
TRUMP: "I don't answer that question because once I answer that question because you don't want to talk about the economy or all the other --
MATTHEWS: “We Catholics believe in confession, you say you were wrong and you move on. You really believe this president --"[crosstalk]
TRUMP: "I don't want to answer the question. Did you have a good time, was it a good interview?"
MATTHEWS: "What? This?" (Laughter)  Well, I watched you for a longer time --"
TRUMP: "We will do it another time. I'd love to."
MATTHEWS: "-- But thank you, Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump, I do think that is a blemish, I think it's your original feeling --" [crosstalk]
TRUMP: "I understand."

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