Trump Booed After Calling for ‘Infiltrating the Internet’ While Sparring with Paul

Rand: ‘I would like to also go back to another question: Which is, is Donald Trump a serious candidate’

to do what is necessary in order to get it done. 
>> Senator Paul. You said ISIS grew stronger because of the hawks in your party. Do you really think that Republicans have fueled the rise of ISIS? 
>> I think that by arming the allies of ISIS the Islamic rebels against Assad that we made that space bigger for ISIS to grow. I think those that wanted regime change have made a mistake. When we toppled Gadhafi in Libya, I think that was a mistake. I think ISIS grew stronger and we had a failed state and more at risk. I would like to also go back to another question. Which is, is Donald Trump a serious candidate. The reason I ask this is, if you are going to close the Internet, realize America what that entails. That entails getting rid of the first amendment. Okay. No small feat. If you are going to kill the families of terrorists, realize that there is something called the Geneva convention we’re going to have to pull out of. It would defy every norm that is America. So, when you ask yourself whoever you are that think you’re going to support Donald Trump. Think, do you believe in the constitution? Are you going to change the constitution? 
>> So, they could kill us, but we can’t kill them? That’s what you’re saying. As far as the Internet is concerned. We’re not talking about closing the Internet. I’m talking about parts of Syria, parts of Iraq. Where ISIS is. Spotting it it. Now, you could close it. What I like even better than that is getting our smartest and getting our best to infiltrate their Internet. So, that we know exactly where they’re going. Exactly where they’re going to be. I like that better. But, we have to — who would be. I just can’t imagine somebody booing. These are people that want to kill us, folks. And you’re objecting to us

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