Carlson Grills Barry Bennett: Shouldn’t Carson Have Been Educated About Foreign Policy Beforehand?

‘What was it Barry about educating your candidate about foreign policy now; shouldn’t that have been done beforehand?’


CARLSON: “Dr. Carson wants Congress to issue a former declaration of a war against ISIS. Carson releasing a new plan saying we must destroy their caliphate and prevent terrorists from infiltrating our homeland. a new report says ISIS in Afghanistan is now operation alley emergent. Carson in tonight's debate, sliding poll numbers, polls showing him tied for third now with Senator Marco Rubio, both with 12%. Joining me now, Barry Bennett, campaign manager. Great to have you back. What does your candidate need to do tonight to let voters know he understands foreign policy and can be trusted on that issue?”

BENNETT: “He's going to do very well tonight. Ben is a brain surgeon. I think he can understand foreign policy.”

CARLSON: “We know he's really, really smart, but I’m not sure the two of those absolutely correlate with one another. One of the reasons some have said he has fallen down in the polls is because he didn't have a lot of knowledge about foreign policy. How do you respond to that?”

BENNETT: “He does now. I spent the last three days with him. He’s as good on the issue as anybody else. He’ll be fine.”

CARLSON: “He puts out this new plan about taking down the caliphate and declaring war on ISIS. What are some of the central points of the plan?”

BENNETT: “Well, one is let's get real. They’re at war with us. We need to be at war with them. We need to declare war. That makes people like the San Bernardino shooters, that's a treason attack. Gives us a new set of tools to go after them. 640,000 kids didn't get to go to school today in L.A. probably weren't too happy about that because we couldn't guarantee their safety because the government lets somebody in the country who wants to harm them. We got to get serious.”

CARLSON: “What was it about educating our candidate about foreign policy now, I mean, shouldn't that have been done beforehand?”

BENNETT: “Yeah. I know, but he's just more comfortable. He absorbs a lot of information very fast, but he's spent a lot of time in the last five or six weeks with folks like Henry Kissinger and Bud McFarland. He’ll do very well tonight. You watch.”


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