MSNBC: WaPo/ABC News Poll Shows Trump Has 23 Point Lead in GOP Field

‘Even 23 percent saying he is the best person’


SCARBOROUGH: "Politico a big political switch. Everybody was distracted by an Iowa poll or two as we said yesterday they didn’t look at the fact, for whatever reason, the Muslim ban, Paris, trump skyrocketed in Georgia, skyrocketed in national polls. One national poll his ceiling is now — he’s not going to get — he’s in the 40s now. This is getting serious and it’s getting out of the hands of the Republican establishment very fast. If there is a Republican establishment left. It’s getting ugly out there."
BRZEZINSKI: "We’re hours away from the fifth and final Republican debate of 2015 and the Republicans are gathering just as polls show the race getting even more lopsided. “The Washington post”/abc news poll finds trump with a 23 point lead."
SCARBOROUGH: Just stop right there. Nicole, it is December 15th. Weird people in July and August saying this wasn’t going to happen, it was a joke. People storming off the set when Mika suggested that Donald Trump was even going to be relevant. 23 point lead. Now I’m not saying he’s going to win."
WALLACE: "But you’re not saying he’s not."
SCARBOROUGH: "But he has a 23-point lead on December the 15th."
WALLACE: "Yeah. The analysis that there were two lanes and only one person would prevail in each category turned out to be flat wrong. The outsider lane, three of those four people still dominate the top four posts in every poll. Trump and you put Cruz in that lane and Carson is still fourth in most of those polls. It wasn’t an equal — it wasn’t a match between two equal teams."
SCARBOROUGH: "The establishment candidates are at 12, 5 and 4. The outsiders are at 38, 15 and 12."
BRZEZINSKI: "How you recover from that."
SCARBOROUGH: "It’s not even a close call."
BRZEZINSKI: "The poll finds Trump far and away. 54% saying he brings strong leadership. 51% for change. 47% to win. Even 23% saying he is the best person."

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