Muslim MSNBC Guest: ‘I Fear for My Life Walking in the Streets’ of NYC

‘Fifteen years after 9/11, it’s the first time ever I have ever feared for my life’

LINDA SARSOUR: "What people have to understand about Islam is that we represent every racial ethnic group, every geography. We have black Muslims. A third of our community are black Muslims. Just listening to the listing of these attacks on individuals and on mosques and understanding the trauma that we're causing communities and we talk about terror and terrorism, of what we're doing, is we're engaging in terrorism against the innocent community that has nothing to do with this. The one girl, middle school, beat up in her school, asking questions. Asking questions like, is Muslim the right choice. We can't change who we are. We can't hide and not leave our homes. We're going to look like this when we reach out to the streets, traveling in this country. I'm not a person who is usually afraid. This is who I am. But genuinely, 15 years after 9/11, it's the first time ever I have ever feared for my life, walking the streets of my very city."

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