W.H.: Obama’s Speech at the 13th Amendment Ceremony Was Not Aimed at Trump

‘Most of the president’s speech yesterday was devoted to lifting up the kind of values that wast mojority of Americans agree with’

JANSING: "Another topic. Was much of the president's speech yesterday indirectly about Donald Trump?"
EARNEST: "No. Most of the president's speech yesterday was devoted to lifting up the kinds of values that the vast majority of Americans agree with. And I think that's the reason the president got a bipartisan standing ovation in the hall of the United States Congress when he delivered that speech."
JANSING: "So when he said what faith they practice, that was not a rebuttal to Donald Trump?"
EARNEST: "It certainly stands in direct contrast to some of the views that are being expressed by a variety of Republican presidential candidates. But the views that the president has long sought to advocate, and the views that the president articulated yesterday are consistent with the agenda that he has spent his career in public service trying to advance."

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