Graham: ‘I’m Getting Trumped’ on Foreign Policy

‘If you are going to run away from the Republican Party because of our criticism, how are you going to beat Hillary Clinton?’

MACCALLUM: "Take a look at this poll about national security voters, though, in your home state Senator Graham --"
GRAHAM: "Yeah."
MACCALLUM: "Donald Trump is their number one candidate by 32 percent. This is the people whose biggest concern is the national security of this country. And you are not making the top five on this issue and as you point out, you spent the better part of your career dedicated to this issue. I cannot imagine what you think when you look at those numbers."
GRAHAM: "It is okay. I am getting trumped in this regard. He comes across as a strong, decisive person and an antidote to Obama.  But here is what we need. We need somebody who is smart and strong. He threatens to leave the Republican party if we don't treat him nice. What kind of strong man is that? 'I will take my ball and run away if you don't treat me nice.' If you are going to run away from the Republican Party because of criticism, how will you beat Hillary Clinton or deal with ISIS or negotiate with the Russians. He is not strong, but he is perceived to be strong. Here is what I am trying to tell people throughout the country. There is a way to destroy ISIS. You have to partner with people in the region who reject their ideology and you need American boots on the ground to be successful. I have been saying it for two years. And what Mr. Trump has said about barring people just on their faith actually just empowers the enemy and it doesn't make us safe. I don't know where this election goes, but I know what is coming our way. There is another attack coming and I know this. Donald Trump will get beat very badly by Hillary Clinton because he is not ready to be president of the United States."
MACCALLUM: "Senator Lindsey Graham, thank you very much, sir. Good to have you with us."
GRAHAM: "Thank you."

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