McSally: Trump’s Muslim Ban Goes ‘Against Everything that We Believe in as a Party’

‘This is not helpful in securing our country, addressing the very real threat of ISIS that has been growing under this administration’s failed policies’

MITCHELL: "Arizona congresswoman Martha McSally serves on the Armed Services Committee and a former air force flight commander."
MCSALLY: "Thank you."
MITCHELL: "Well, I have to ask you, as someone who not only flew missions but flew missions in the Middle East, you were based, I believe in Saudi for a while, what do you think of Donald Trump saying that he would ban all muslims from entering the United States and until we resolve the war with ISIS."
MCSALLY: "This is ridiculous. I condemned what he said earlier this morning, before the speaker’s press conference. I agree with what the speaker said. This is, against everything that we believe in as a party, and what we believe in as a country. At least a couple of the bill of rights are being violated by this hateful talk. This is not helpful in securing our country, addressing the very real threat of ISIS that has been growing under this administration’s failed policies for the last 17 months. We need to do more to address military the threat from Iraq and Syria, close the loopholes of the foreign fighter travel, over 30,000 terrorists that have traveled into Iraq and Syria from 100 countries. We need to address homegrown extremism happen, investigations in all 50 states, 900 investigations. We’ve got it address this threat that is a generational threat. This kind of discussion of somebody who wants to be the future commander in chief is certainly against everything we believe in. I really strongly condemn it."
MITCHELL: "And what about the whole question of Muslim Americans serving in the armed forces, men and women? I know you’ve served with some of them. How would they feel about this?"
MCSALLY: "Absolutely. Look, Americans serving in the armed forces, serving perhaps homeland security, border, we have many Americans of the Muslim faith that are peaceful, serving our country and a part of our society, freedom of religion, something important to us. This is not helpful. Is this United States a distraction from the real issue. The real situation now is our current commander in chief has fail policies that’s not agresing the growing and metastasizing threat. We don’t need to be stoking fears and having our own extreme reactions. But we do need to have a strategy that defeats and destroys this threat and that’s not coming out of the current commander in chief."

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