Robinson to Trump: ‘Do You Feel Good’ About ‘Appealing to People’s Basest Fears?’

‘I want to see a country where we can live in peace’

SCARBOROUGH: “Gene Robinson, jump in.”
ROBINSON: “Donald, your campaign has changed.”
TRUMP: “Gene, I hope you still write well about me.”
ROBINSON: “Well, your campaign has changed. When you started your campaign, you were appealing to people’s aspirations, you’re now appealing to their basis fears. And I just want to know, do you feel good about that? Do you feel good about what you are doing?"
TRUMP: “No. No. I want to see a country where we can live in peace, where buildings aren’t going to be blown up, where people aren't going to rocket into the rooms with innocent people with no guns because there is no Second Amendment for those people unfortunately. They didn't have guns and if they had guns it would be a different story. But I really want where people aren’t going to walk into a place and shoot everybody and have no protection. I mean, Gene, we've got -- the World Trade center got knocked down almost twice. People forget the first time. But we have other things happening. We have ISIS that wants to destroy us and we take people openly and then we find out they’ve become radicalized. And what you do is you have to look at other parts of the world and see what happens when that happens. It’s a very, very serious problem for our country.”

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