Harris-Perry Downplays San Bernardino: Police Kill More than Terrorists

‘And we don’t think we should go to war’ with police

HARRIS-PERRY: "I feel like we do know. I think that's part of it. That this moment, the San Bernardino moment, connects us and makes us think, okay, now we are personally under attack by this thing that is ISIS. You know, Dylann roof, Charleston church, nine people killed. Transwomen killed in 2015, likely as a result of their identities, 22 of them. The number of shooting victims in Chicago this year, although not all of them tied, 2,000. The number of those killed in a Tim Pell in Wisconsin, six people. Need I point out the police in this country have shot and killed more than 1,000 people. And we don't think we should go to war with any of those people." 
SARSOUR: "I just want to -- Melissa, you know, terrorism or acts of terrorism or even ISIS sympathizers. It's not an epidemic in the Muslim community. The fact we're sitting here and making it sound like an every day occurrence. We are 7 to 10 million muslims in this country. The fact we have, again, distracted from the issue. These two people or three bought legal weapons. Either they bought them or someone else bought them. They're buying tactical weapons. No one thinks that's the problem here. How did these people, and this idea of, like, countering violent extremism in this country continues to be directed exactly at muslims as if there's no other community in this country that engages in extremism. We've seen study after study that more people have been killed by white supremacist groups than by 'jihadi's or whatever they want to call them."

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