NBC Promotes New York Daily News’ ‘Terrorist’ Smear of the NRA’s CEO

‘Today, a provocative cover of The New Yorker; and on the Daily News, photographs of mass murderers ‘

HOLT: "We’re back from the southern California condo complex, where the San Bernardino killers apparently used their home as a staging ground for terror. The arsenal they were able to amass and use to murder so many has reignited the highly-contentious battle in this country over guns. And as our Hallie Jackson reports, it’s a fight with no easy answers."
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JACKSON (voice-over): "Taking target practice today, Amanda Robinson, reflecting on the San Bernardino shooting."
ROBINSON: "I think it kind of shows that gun control doesn’t necessarily fix the problem. The problem is the ideology of the people using the guns."
JACKSON (voice-over): "The Iowa gun range visited by Ted Cruz today — not calling off the campaign stop after the attack.
CRUZ : "You don’t stop bad guys by taking away our guns. You stop bad guys by using our guns."
JACKSON (voice-over): "Republican candidates now arguing the conversation should be about terror control."
RUBIO: "They’re still out there talking about gun control measures; as if, somehow, terrorists care about what our gun laws are."
JACKSON (voice-over): "But Democrats say stricter gun laws are key to fighting terror."
CLINTON: "A part of that strategy is to try to prevent terrorists from getting their hands on guns in our country."
JACKSON (voice-over): "Today, a provocative cover of The New Yorker; and on the Daily News, photographs of mass murderers — the paper calling them ‘terrorists’ — and including the head of the NRA. Americans, who make up less than five percent of the world’s population, own more than 40 percent of the world’s guns, according to an international weapons research group — nearly as many guns as people now, and more sold recently. On Black Friday, a record number of background checks, coming at a time when many feel vulnerable."
LAPIERRE: "When evil knocks on our doors --"
JACKSON (voice-over): "The NRA releasing this video after the shooting in Paris."
LAPIERRE: "The full-throated right to defend our families and ourselves with our Second Amendment."
JACKSON (on-camera): "Many Senate Republicans argue they’re defending that right, as they voted down a bill to ban people on the terror watch list from buying guns — a proposal Democrats call common sense."
JACKSON (voice-over): "Congress reflecting the divide in the rest of America — both sides in this debate dug in. Hallie Jackson, NBC News, Washington."
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