Paul: ‘Democratic’ Socialism Is Still Theft, ‘the Main Reason I Oppose Bernie Sanders’

‘There is nothing that is truly free’


“We gave away almost $400 billion in private charity. Remember Hurricane Katrina? I think we gave away nearly $60 billion privately. A friend of mine had a family from New Orleans moved up and living in his house for a year. I mean, we’re incredibly generous people, but realize that could slip away from us if we let government grow big enough that it gets between us and the people trying to buy and sell things. That’s why it alarms me more than anything — not really Hillary Clinton, she would be a disaster for us. I mean, she’d be terrible. But the fact that there’s a significant amount of our public that Bernie Sanders would be good for us, scares me to death. (Laughter) Bernie says, well, he’s gonna give everyone free education. That would be great, wouldn’t it? Free education! There is no free lunch. 

There is nothing that is truly free. If someone offers you something for free, realize: Who are the only people who get something for nothing? Thieves. When you steal something is the only way you get something for nothing. When someone offers you a free education, ask them — no, no, no — tell me the truth? Who is really going to pay for it? Somebody’s got to pay. The education will not be free. The professors will be paid, the buildings will be built, there’ll be electricity, there’ll be heat, there is an expense. Somebody will pay for the education. Maybe it’s going to be a plumber or a carpenter, someone who didn’t go to college, probably will be, or maybe it’s going to be a couple who doesn’t have kids. Or maybe you are going to pay for it. 

Well, no, no, Bernie says it’s going to be free. Well, maybe we print out money, we have a Federal Reserve and we print out money, and we give everybody money so they can pay for education. What happens? The value of the dollar than shrinks. In fact, over the last hundred years, 96 percent of the value of the dollar’s gone. So what happens when the value of the dollar shrinks? Your prices go up. So if gas costs more or food costs more, who do you think it hurt the worst? The rich or the poor? Well, the poor. I mean if you don’t have much extra money — if you make 20, $30,000 a year and you got a couple of kids, it’s hard when prices go up. If you make $100,000 a year or 200,000 a year with the prices rise, you don’t notice it so much. 

So, when people like Bernie say: ‘Socialism is gonna be good, we’re gonna give you free stuff.’ Realize that the people are get hurt the worst, are actually the people they are trying to help. Same with ObamaCare, it was supposed to help poor people. Well, guess what? The price of insurance has gone up dramatically under ObamaCare for those who pay for it. You say, why, I don’t have to pay for it, I’m getting it for free, I’m one of the subsidized people. It isn’t free. Somebody is paying for it. And as a consequence the question is, do we also lose our choices? 

The main reason I oppose ObamaCare, and the main reason I oppose Bernie Sanders and everything he represents (Laughter) is that, he wants to take away my choices. And he says well, I’m not really like Stalinist kind of socialism, hi says I’m for ‘Democratic’ socialism, sounds better, right? The socialism. The thing is, if government takes away your choice to make something and sell it to somebody voluntarily, whether they do that to a majority vote or whether an authoritarian and does it with a club, it ends up being the same.”

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