Trump on Meeting with Black Pastors: ‘I Saw Love in that Room’

‘The meeting went so much longer, and it went longer because of the love’


UNKNOWN FEMALE: "What about the backlash?"

TRUMP: "I don't think we have backlash. I saw love in that room. I see love everywhere I go. I see tremendous amounts -- like right now I'm getting on a plane and going to Georgia. We're going to have a tremendous crowd in Georgia just like we did in Sarasota. 12,000 people, an all-time record but double. We're going to have a tremendous crowd. I'm literally leaving right now. Because the meeting went so much longer, and it went longer because of the love. It didn't go longer for other reasons. There were unbelievable solutions, I think, to problem that we will solve that other people won't be able to solve."

UNKNOWN FEMALE: "What were the concerns raised?"

TRUMP: "The concerns are you look at unemployment. You look at African-American youth. You have 51 percent unemployment. There's tremendous concerns and they have a right to be concerned."

UNKNOWN FEMALE: "Are you going to change your tone?"

TRUMP: "The tone has taken me to first position in every single poll, including state and including national polls. The beautiful thing about the meeting is they didn't ask me to change the tone. I think they want to see victory because it is about we want to win and we want to win together. And I will not forget the group of -- I met with 100 people. . I will not forget these people. They are really, really smart, sharp amazing people who love their community, who love the country and love their community."

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