Fiorina: ‘Typical Left Wing Tactics’ to Try and Link Colorado Shooting to Pro-Lifers

The vast majority of Americans agree, what Planned Parenthood is doing is wrong

WALLACE: "Ms. Fiorina, welcome back to “Fox News Sunday.”

FIORINA: "Thanks for having me, Chris.  Happy Thanksgiving."  

WALLACE: "Thank you.  Same to you. Your reaction to the shootings at that clinic in Colorado Springs? " 

FIORINA: "Well, this is a tragedy.  It’s obviously a tragedy.  Nothing justifies this.  And presumably this man who appears deranged, if nothing else, will be tried for murder, as he should be.  But it’s a tragedy, especially on a holiday weekend.  

WALLACE: "You have been one of the toughest critics, as we’ve said, of Planned Parenthood’s alleged harvesting of body parts, selling for fetal research.  Some of the pro-choice advocates are saying language like yours, not single you out, but language like yours, has incited violence.  I’d like to get your reaction to that.  But also, what would you say to protesters, people outside these clinics, about the limits of their opposition?"  

FIORINA: "Well, first, it is not alleged.  Planned Parenthood acknowledged several weeks ago they would no longer take compensation for body parts, which sounds like an admission that they were doing so.  Secondly, this is so typical of the left to immediately begin demonizing the messenger, because they don’t agree with the message.  The vast majority of Americans agree, what Planned Parenthood is doing is wrong.  That’s why the vast majority of Americans are prepared not only to defund Planned Parenthood, but also to stop abortion for any reason at all after five months. So, what I would say to anyone who tries to link this terrible tragedy to anyone who opposes abortion or opposes the sale of body parts is, this is typical left-wing tactics."

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