MSNBC: Trump, Cruz Top Latest Poll Among Iowa Voters

‘Fifty eight percentg of Iowa Republicans say their minds still might change’


BRZEZINSKI: "First breaking political news, a new Quinnipiac poll released this hour of the Iowa caucus shows a new top terrify in the Republican field. Donald Trump is slightly ahead of senator Ted Cruz of Texas. 25 to 23% as Cruz more than doubles his support from four weeks ago falling 10 points from first place is Ben Carson. Last month he LED trump by eight points. Senator Marco Rubio holds steady at 13%. All other candidates are in the low single digits. Among Iowa’s white evangelical, Cruz is in the lead at 27% with Carson at 24% and trump at 20%. On the question of who would best handle social issues like aboring and same-sex marriage, Carson is slightly ahead of Cruz, 21 to 20 and trump is in third place but trump leads on many other issues among Iowa Republicans on the economy. He’s up 49 to 11 over Cruz. On immigration it’s trump 45 to Cruz’s 20. And on terrorism, trump 30% to Cruz 20%. Cruz has the edge on foreign policy, 24% to trump’s 18%. This as 58% of Iowa Republicans say their minds still might change. Oh, okay."

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