Ray Kelly: Intelligence Community Thinks NYC Is the #1 Target in U.S.

‘New York has also done more than any other city to protect itself, but clearly, no guarantees’

BARTIROMO: “This is all coming together at a time, that the New York police force is under pressure, because of the ‘Ferguson effect,’ we know that. We’ve got the president, allowing, these ex convicts out and about, and let them be free strategy. Should we be worried about New York be next? I mean, there was Times Square picture in the video from ISIS just this week.”

KELLY: “Yeah. The operating assumption here is that New York is definitely a target and will be an enduring target. The intelligence community thinks that New York is the number one target in this country. New York has also done more than any other city to protect itself, but there are clearly, no guarantees. And of course their goal is to panic people, instill fear. That’s what this video was supposed to do. That’s what the video about Washington is supposed to do. And you know, they are marching along on a very definite plan that they have.”

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