Trump: Josh Earnest Didn’t Do His ‘Opposition Research’ on Elizabeth

‘Elizabeth [Hasselbeck] did better than I did’


KILMEADE: “Secretary of state John Kerry said this [indecipherable], he was sent over in a surprise visit to Hollande. He indicated well this is impossible to figure out why these attacks took place. The Charlie Hebdo attacks make kind of sense. They were particularly focused and perhaps have a legitimacy to them. What’s your reaction to our secretary of state saying the Hebdo attacks had a legitimacy to [indecipherable]?”
TRUMP: “Well, look anybody that made the deal with Iran, which is perhaps the worst transaction of any kind that I’ve ever seen, one of the dumbest with $150 billion going to Iran, and self-policing, and everything else, and we don’t get our prisoners back. Anybody that made that deal can say anything, because that person, you know, doesn’t make any difference what they say.”
KILMEADE: “But they do. Their secretary of state is an important position. You know, earlier Elisabeth we had chance to talk to Josh Earnest. Elisabeth and Josh Earnest got into it, over his — over the president’s use of words. I just want to play it for you and get your impression.”
[clip starts]
HASSELBECK: “To call this just a setback seems awful, at least to the American people.”
EARNEST: “Well, Elisabeth, what you need to ask the American people to do is look at the transcript of the president’s remarks where he described the situation as sickening, where he expressed his profound sorrow what exactly had occurred. And I think what I would encourage you to do is to spend just as much time focusing on the president’s actions as you do his words.” [crosstalk]
HASSELBECK: “His words matter, Josh, I have to stop you there. Josh, I will stop you there. The president of the United States’ words matter —“
EARNEST: “So, Elisabeth let me finish my answer if you want to have me on your show, Elisabeth —“
HASSELBECK: “I will focus on my president’s words, josh —“
EARNEST: “— then give me an opportunity to answer the question.”
HASSELBECK: “I would love for you to answer it, but I —“
EARNEST: “I will answer the question by telling you that you should consider —“
HASSELBECK: “Go ahead.”
EARNEST: “Elisabeth, if you want to have me on the show to talk about something serious as our national security you can ask me a question and I will answer it.”
HASSELBECK: “Josh, we’ve played fair before.”
EARNEST: “When the president was —“
HASSELBECK: “I’m letting you know that our president’s words matter, not just to me. Not just to the American people. But to those around the globe, who are very concerned right now —“
[clip ends]
DOOCY: “Words are important.” 
TRUMP: “That was something, you know, he didn’t do good opposition research on Elisabeth. Because if he would have seen the real Elisabeth — I watched her take apart Rosie O’Donnell and just — I mean, Rosie quit. She never came back to the show after Elisabeth did a number. Elisabeth did better than I did. I was always very angry about that. So, he did a very poor job of opposition research. You know, that’s Elisabeth. She’s great. What can I tell you?”
HASSELBECK: “You’re kind, Mr. Trump. Look, I like Josh Earnest. I like the press secretary there. But I do believe that people pay attention to all of the president’s words. And if you got ask —“
TRUMP: “Absolutely correct.”
HASSELBECK: “— people to pay attention to some of the words and not others that’s —“

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