Chris Murphy: ‘We Have To Be Serious’ About Threat to Homeland

‘Yes, we have to be serious about the threat to the homeland’


SCARBOROUGH: "Senator Murphy, Dianne Feinstein very concerned, other Republicans and Democrats alike very concerned. It is not a regional threat. And you look at the fact this is a terror organization that makes $50 million a month just on the black market with oil. And the ability to cause destruction and mayhem in Washington and New York and London, across the globe, is very high. We can't allow them as the colonel said, we can't allow them to continue to govern the space they're governing now, can we?"
MURPHY: "No, we can't. But I've heard the same options that are presented to the president from the military. He's be honest. None of them would lead to the defeat of ISIS by December or June of next year. All of those military options, none of which of course involved 100,000 troops or 50,000 troops on the ground are still long term efforts. None of them work without the government in Baghdad, the other Arab governments working alongside us. And yes we have to be serious about the threat to the homeland.”
SCARBOROUGH: "So what do we do? What do we do senator?"

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