Soltis Anderson: Being Offensive Will Not Hurt Trump; Being Boring Will

‘What will hurt him is being boring and falling out of the headlines’


DEUTSCH: “No, it doesn’t change — why does that hurt Trump [indecipherable] saying John McCain  is not a hero. It’s the same matter.”
CAPEHART: “Yeah. It works well for Trump at the beginning — [crosstalk]

BRZEZINSKI: “I just wonder what’s going on with Republican primary voters at this point, Kristen. I just watching this and watching you watch this. Watching our incredible stage crew watching this, bursting into laughter and Allen, the stage manager going you’re out. The last word that you hear — (Laughter) on the sound bite before you comes back to actually speak on camera, your out cue is crap. My out cue is what? It’s crap. That was the last thing Donald said or the way we edited it. The whole thing is crazy, Kristen. Yet there’s an appeal here. We’re seeing it in the polls and we saw some interesting numbers about the difference between primary voters and general election voters and the Republican party. What’s going on?”

SOLTIS ANDERSON “What’s also perplexing about Trump is his quote doesn’t come from the quote unquote ‘base of the party’. That’s one of the big questions about whether or not these numbers Donald Trump is seeing in the polls will show up at the ballot box at the primaries? Are these people who tell a pollster when we call them on the phone, yes, I like Donald Trump or are these the same folks that go caucus in Iowa. What’s going to hurt Trump the most, is not the idea he’s offensive. He’s insulted veteran, he’s offensive. What will hurt him is being boring and falling out of the headlines. In the last debate, Donald Trump was the third or fourth most interesting headline coming out of it. Donald Trump not being in the headlines is like not giving his campaigns oxygen. [crosstalk] He knows that if he gives the speech like this, he’s four minutes worth of — And see, normally, it would be smart, but he’s seen his numbers have [indecipherable] he seen that Ben Carson has eaten into some of his numbers. This is his response to get back in the headlines. I don’t know if this ends up working this time. Everyone says maybe this time is different. The only reason this could be different is that last debate was an interesting turns of the It was more substantive. Have we  finally enter the chapter where voters are really carrying about substance? Have we finally enter that part of the race. I hope so, but we still have to see.”

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