Small Businesses in Berkeley Worried About Proposed $19/Hour Min. Wage

‘This has been unfinished business for the Obama administration’


COSTELLO: "Kristin Romans is covering this for us. I guess on the democratic side it's already a campaign issue."
ROMANS: "In 270 cities workers say they want this to be the biggest walkoff, biggest protest yet. This time they have home health aid, child care workers, low-wage workers. This has been unfinished business for the Obama Administration. They would like to raise the wage to $10.10 an hour. What you're hearing in the streets is $15 an hour. There's a lot of debate about whether $15 may be too high. Raise the minimum wage but $15 might be too high. Here's what the treasury secretary told me." 
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LEW: "Raising the minimum wage would be a good thing. A lot of states are doing it. The states are doing it at a level where you might say they would be uncompetitive with other states but it hasn't turned out to be a problem."
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ROMANS: "Uncompetitive, but it hasn't turned out to be a problem. Tonight will there be a vote in Berkeley, California, where there's a vote to raise the minimum wage there to $19 an hour. $19 an hour and some small business owners there, restaurant owners and civic goment workers are concerned that's too high. They think $19 might be too high. No question this is a big campaign debate for 2016. We'll hear more about it."

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