Trump Hits Carson: ‘I Can Say that I Never Tried To Hit My Mother in Any Way, Shape, or Form’

‘I mean, I don’t know — I can say that I never tried to hit my mother in any way, shape, or form

STEPHANOPOULOS: "But in the past, you’ve admitted to inflating the value of your properties, and in your book, 'The Art of the Deal,' you wrote a little a hyperbole never hurt. Is that what Carson’s doing here? Is it really something more serious?"
TRUMP: "I don’t know what he’s doing. I mean, I don’t know — I can say that I never tried to hit my mother in any way, shape, or form. By the way, my properties are some of the most valuable properties in the world, George. You know some of them and I have some of the great properties of the world. I built an amazing company with a tremendous net worth. And whether it’s $5 billion or $12 billion or $10 billion, everybody agrees it’s magnificent, so I don’t know what you’re talking about."
STEPHANOPOULOS: "If Ben Carson falls, where do the votes go? Is he your top rival right now?"
TRUMP: "Well, it seems. I mean, you know who’s number one. I’m number one, and he’s number two. So I would say that the first person that’s number two is my top rival, and in all fairness to Ben, he’s been the closest. With all these politicians that are running, Ben has been the closest to — you know, I’ve been there for I guess 110 days or something, and he’s really been up there and the closest and he’s hung around. And they say in sports, he’s just hanging around. But — so let’s see, and I hope this works out for him, frankly. I hope there is not going to be a problem on this, but it’s a lot of statements are very troubling statements, I mean for him too. He understands that."

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