Major Garrett: ‘Donald Trump Began His Book Tour in a Spirit of Spite’

‘Trump did call many of his Republicans in the presidential race to drop out’

KING: "A new Republican presidential poll this morning shows a virtual tie at the top. Donald Trump has 24 percent support in the Quinnipiac university survey. Ben Carson who led two other polls in the past week is now at 23 percent. Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are next. Book buyers lined up to see Trump on Tuesday. Major Garrett is in Washington with the latest tough talk from the billionaire. Major, good morning."
GARRETT: "Good morning. Donald Trump unveiled his new book 'Crippled America' published by Simon and Shuster, a division of CBS and then said almost nothing about the book itself. Trump did call many of his Republicans in the presidential  race to drop out. He dismissed others running close to him and he even called the Obama economy a bubble waiting to burst."
[clip starts]
TRUMP: "Our country has no spirit."
GARRETT (voice-over): "Donald Trump began his book tour in a spirit of spite for the GOP establishment."
TRUMP: "It's called really the failed establishment because the establishment has let us down. We need a person with tremendous personal energy."
GARRETT: "Many of his Republican rivals."
TRUMP: "Do I think it's time to have some of the other Republican candidates drop out? Yes. there are too many people!"
GARRETT: "Paying special attention to Florida Senator Marco Rubio."
TRUMP: "I think that really Marco is overrated. All you have to do is look at hit credit card. I mean, he is a disaster with his credit cards."
GARRETT: "And questioning the staying power of Ben Carson."
TRUMP: "When a man is weak on immigration and wants to get rid of Medicare, I don't know how he stays there."
GARRETT: "Trump said Carson lacks experience. Carson responded at his own book signing in Tampa."
CARSON: "What would you expect him to say? Would you expect him to say, yeah, Ben Carson has a lot of experience, more than I do."
GARRETT: "Jeb Bush was in New Hampshire Tuesday where a new poll shows he has dropped to six sixth behind Carson and Rubio."
BUSH: "By the way, good energy tonight."
GARRETT: "And found himself running from the front-runner's attack."
BUSH: "I actually have a pretty good energy every night." 
GARRETT: "Trump, a real estate mogul each said President Obama has ordered federal reserve chair Janet Yellen to keep interest rates low."
TRUMP: "He wants to get out of office because we are in the bubble and he wants those rates to raise. A lot of bad things ar going to happen."
GARRETT: "The White House denied meddling with the Fed and tried to punch at Trump's bubble theory."
GARRETT: "That's an economic observation made by someone who at least tells the country he has some experience in real estate."
EARNEST: "And somebody who has declared bankruptcy four times too."
[clip ends] 
GARRETT: "That line of attack has one flow. Trump has never personally filed for bankruptcy. Companies within his empire have and Trump subsequently sued them for damaging his brand which brings back to Trump's new book, Charlie, where he says part of his success comes from knowing how to sell himself and manipulate the media."
ROSE: "Thanks, Major."

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