CNN: Mets Fan Celebrates Too Soon with ‘Champs’ Tattoo

A Mets fan has joined the legion of Sports Fans With Premature Tattoos after having the New York Mets logo and “World Champs 2015” tattooed on his side during the first game of the recently concluded World Series

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MOOS: “When college student Josh Davis got his world champs New York Mets 2015 tattoo — “

DAVIS: “It was hurting a lot. That was really bad, the worst tattoo pain I’ve ever experienced. “

MOOS: “But not as bad as the pain he experienced when his beloved Mets lost the World Series that his tattoo proclaimed they won. Josh actually got the tattoo during game one. You weren’t inking while drinking, were you?”

DAVIS: “No. Not at all, I was completely sober, sober and faithful.” 

MOOS: “Don’t feel bad, Josh, you’re not the first to suffer from PST, premature sport tattooing. Neither the Cowboys, nor the Detroit Lions lived up to premature tattoos and when the Seattle Seahawks failed to become back-to-back champions, this guy joked about sanding off his tattoo. But our Met fan had no regrets.”

DAVIS: “No, not at all. Always remind me of this year and they really did have a great year.”

MOOS: “Josh now joins those adorned with erroneous ink. Belive for believe. Strenth without the G, and this stab in the back, why not? Everyone elese does, but else has an extra E. And how about all the bad grammar? Never, don’t give up. It’s get better. Talk about rejects. There are entire websites devoted to tattoo failure. Johnny Depp updated his tattoo while dating Wynona Ryder, he got one saying, Wynona forever. When they broke up, he changed it to, wino forever. Josh may eventually turn his into a generic Mets tribute, but for now, he’s enjoying the attention. Oh, yes.” 

DAVIS: “I leave it for a bit, I pull up my shirt and people’s eyes widen up, like, oh my God, that’s you.” 

MOOS: “Think before you ink or you may have to eat your words. Ouch. Can we take one more look at it? Jeanne Moos, CNN, New York.”
[clip ends]

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