Krugman: ‘Fox News Watchers Have No Idea What’s on MSNBC’

‘I have a suspicion that the people who are Fox News watchers have no idea what’s on MSNBC’

KRUGMAN: “This has been obvious for a while and it’s just getting worse. there’s this hermetic universe of you only watch Fox News and you only listen to people and if some information that doesn’t suit your world view comes along it’s because of the liberal bias of the media. So yeah.”

HAYES: “There are people watching this who say liberals read Paul Krugman and every time I get in an argument with him they’re citing Paul Krugman or they’re watching MSNBC and they’re contained in their own little bubble, too.”

KRUGMAN: “Yeah. You like people who share your opinions. But it’s just not — you know, people like me are aware of what’s on Fox news. I have a suspicion that the people who are Fox News watchers have no idea what’s on MSNBC. And we see that in lots of things.  One of the kind of things we do in my professional circuit is we say a liberal economist can imitate a conservative economist, can pretend, what will one of those guys say? The reverse is not true. So there is a level of openness to at least acknowledging that there are other viewpoints, not agreeing with them but understanding them that is not symmetric.”

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