Kondracke: Trump and Carson Are Not ‘Electable’; ‘Maybe Fiorina Is Electable’

‘— but I think they’re still going to find their way back to Bush or Rubio’


BARNICLE: “Jack Kemp works for governor Reagan briefly, gets elected to Congress from Buffalo. A tough thing. He gets elected and is very popular and he’s an amiable guy, people like him, he was a smart guy in the house of representatives. Given where the Republican is today, where it’s moved to today, as you’ve both outlined, when in time would jack Kemp have become an independent or a Democrat?”

UNKNOWN MALE: “He would not.”


UNKNOWN MALE: “No, himself parents were Republicans. They were hard core Republicans.”

KONDRACKE: “What Kemp thought was that when growth is low and incomes are stagnant, demagogues come along and try to divide people, try to base their politics on division, black versus white, rich versus poor. We’re seeing that right now, blaming Mexicans, blaming the Chinese, blaming the Russians, whatever. He would not have gone for that stuff. He was the total antithesis of Donald Trump.”

BRZEZINSKI: “That’s exactly where I wanted to go. I wanted to get both of your takes on the three outsider candidates at least, Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina.”

KONDRACKE: “You know, I still — I know that you guys are doubting this because of the polls but, look, the Republican party’s history ever since Barry Goldwater and we could be back to Goldwater again, is that they wander through the wilderness and they have a love affair with pat Buchanan and Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann and they always end up back at their most electable candidate. I don’t think trump is electable, maybe Carly Fiorina is electable but I think they’re still going to find their way back to bush or Rubio.”

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