Fiorina: CNBC Debate a ‘Signal to the Liberal Media’ To Be ‘More Respectful’ to GOP Voters

‘The RNC obviously made a decision to exclude NBC from subsequent debate; I think that was the appropriate decision’

RADDATZ: "Let’s talk about the CNBC debates. Are you sending someone to the meetings here in Washington this evening? And do you think there should be changes?"
FIORINA: "Well, actually I don’t have campaign staff going to that meeting. I have campaign staff here in Iowa with me and logistically we just couldn’t work it through. The RNC obviously made a decision to exclude NBC from subsequent debates. I think that was the appropriate decision. There has to be consequence when the debate process is abused in the way that CNBC did it. This is a debate series for Republican primary voters. And when you don’t have a single conservative moderator. When the moderation earns boos from the audience, I mean I’ve never seen that before where an audience booed the moderation. And I hope it was a signal, quite honestly, to the liberal media that they need to be more deliberate, more balanced, and more respectful on the Republican primary voters and their candidates."

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