De Blasio Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

‘I’m extremely pleased with what she has put on the table’

BRZEZINSKI: “We understand you have an announcement.”
DE BLASIO: “Yes. I do. In this country over the last year, a lot has changed. I think we have to look at the difference between the elections a year ago, where Democrats would not talk about income inequality, they wouldn’t talk about the tax of the wealthy. Versus now then Democratic Party I think really has consolidated its views and is speaking forcefully on the issues. The candidate who I believe can fundamentally address income equality effectively, candidate that has the right vision and the right experience and ability to get the job done is Hillary Clinton. And I’ve seen her vision and platform develop over five months. I’m extremely pleased with what she’s put on the table, but she has a history of fighting on issues that convinces me.”
SCARBOROUGH: “So, you say it’s developed. Has she gotten more sensitive to the plight of the poor? Because the knock has been — just like Chuck Shumer. I like Chuck Shumer, but if you’re a senator from New York like Chuck or Hillary were, a lot of people on the Wall Street say you got to protect us. Do you think Hillary has evolved a bit in her thinking on income and equality over the past five months?”
DE BLASIO: "I think what’s missing here in this discussion is who Hillary has been? When she was working on the children’s defense fund, before anyone ever heard of it, working on behalf of kids, especially poor kids in need; when she took on the health insurance companies in 93 and 94 which if you’ll remember was a very vivid intense struggle, she’s up against a lot of power and a lot of money and she’s stood her ground. That’s the Hillary Clinton, I know, I give her tremendous credit for the ability to fight on the issues —“
SCARBOROUGH: “You have said though over the past five months, she has evolved. Her position on income and equality has developed. How has it developed?”
DE BLASIO: "It's the important thing. I think this is happening in the entire Democratic Party when we, again, compare it to a year ago, We have to see the whole party come to realization that we have to have more progressive taxation, that we have to raise wages and benefits and that we have to go at issue of working families, like paid family leave, sick leave, pre-care for all. The beauty of the Democratic Party moment versus the other party is Democrats are challenging each other on positions and in general agree on a very progressive economic platform. Republicans sadly and I think they should get away from this are comparing body parts and poll numbers. So I think what has happened here as you've seen with each successive speech, Hillary has filled in the blanks forcefully and not just on economics, on things like mass incarceration, very passionately; voting rights, constitutional amendment, and the effects of the Citizens United..."

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