‘Free Beacon’ Montage: Clinton’s Benghazi Testimony: Style Versus Substance

Hayes: ‘So if you care about substance and facts, she’s in trouble’

Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Testimony: Style Versus Substance (The Washington Free Beacon)

Many journalists who covered Hillary Clinton’s testimony about the Benghazi terrorist attack last week were more interested in praising Clinton for her brilliance than in scrutinizing what she said, a Free Beacon supercut finds.

Clinton, who, by the way, is coming off of a fabulous ten-day stretch, was victorious, graceful, calm, articulate, impeccable, disciplined, and savvy, according to the theater critics covering her testimony.

Only a handful of journalists chose to scrutinize Clinton’s testimony. Those who did, like Steve Hayes of the Weekly Standard, found discrepancies.

Clinton said she knew within hours that the Benghazi event was a coordinated terrorist attack carried out by an “al-Qaeda-like group.” At the time, she told the public that it was a spontaneous reaction by locals to an anti-Islam video.

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