Trump: If I Don’t Win, ‘I’ll Still Be Proud of My Effort Because I’ve Done Very Well’

‘I’ve run so far a great race’

ROBINSON: “Donald, good morning.”

TRUMP: “Hi, Eugene.”

ROBINSON: “Hi. Listen, there are a lot of people in the Republican establishment I would guess, who right now are high fiving each other because of that CBS poll. Because of a poll — showing Carson ahead of you. Because their theory is that you are just a front-runner, that you won’t run from behind. That if you’re not ahead and if you can’t say that you’re ahead in your campaign speeches and rallies, that you will fade, that you’ll even lose interest, that you don’t — the one thing you could never stand, would be to lose a primary or to not be in first place. Are they right? Are — does this sort of dampen your enthusiasm for this whole enterprise?”

TRUMP: “No, they are wrong, Eugene. You know, I was called by a person you would know very well, highly, highly respected journalist — and called me about a month ago and said how does it feel? And I said how does what feel? How does it feel to do what you’ve done, this has been the summer of Trump, and its amazing what’s happened. How does it feel? And I said [it doesn’t feel anything I haven’t done. He said yes you have you’ve done something no one] ever in politics. The way you’ve dominated. And I said I don’t consider that dominating because unless you win. And he said no you’ve already won. And I disagree with him. By the way, somebody you all know very well, very, very smart guy who I don’t know, but he — I mean I don’t know him well. He just called out of the blue. And I don’t know he was going to do a story or is doing a story. The fact is that I consider — you have to win. I’m in it to the end. Now, I think if I don’t make it, which of course, people say oh, he say — but it’s a certainly a possibility that I won’t make it, I’ll still be proud of my effort. Because I think I’ve done very well. I’m not a politician. I’ve run so far a great race. I will continue to run a great race. What happens, Eugene? I can’t tell you what happens. Who knows? But I think I’ve done a very commendable job according to almost everybody.”

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